Lucha Las Vegas An XEG and Stone-Rock Entertainment Production Created by Masked Republic Produced by Kevin Kleinrock & Stu Stone & Ruben Zamora

Las Vegas Is Now SiNN’s City!

Former WWE star SiNN Bodhi (known as “Kizarney” on Smackdown) and his wife, former WWE Diva Stacy “The Kat” Carter, will share top billing with the Mexican megastars in Lucha Las Vegas, but it won’t be bodyslams and headlocks for the duo. Lucha Las Vegas will feature live freakshow performances by the man much too extreme for the current PG version of the WWE. WWE Legend Jake The Snake Roberts, who toured with SiNN when they headlined the Jim Rose Sideshow Circus said, “SiNN Bodhi is ahead of his time and too dangerous for WWE to control.” Fans will now, for the first time ever, have a chance to see SiNN completely uncensored and unleashed in this 21+ environment. SiNN and Stacy are just one of the unique elements which make Lucha Las Vegas a show like no other!

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