Lucha Las Vegas An XEG and Stone-Rock Entertainment Production Created by Masked Republic Produced by Kevin Kleinrock & Stu Stone & Ruben Zamora

Wrestling Stars Shoot To Vegas For LLV: The Debut

From the star of the Viva La Lucha Pay-Per-View series, Hijo De Rey Misterio to a plethora of performers from MTV’s Wrestling Society X, the National Wrestling Alliance, Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and beyond, Lucha Las Vegas will feature hands down the BEST wrestling talent ever assembled on one show in Sin City. Already signed to compete inside the squared circle on January 7th are:

Hijo de Rey Misterio
Los Pochos Guapos – Aaron Aguilera & Joey Kaos
That 70s Team – Joey “Magnum” Ryan & The Disco Machine
TJP (a.k.a. TJ Perkins and formerly Puma in New Japan Pro Wrestling and TNA)
and making his long anticipated return to the ring Matt Classic!


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